Salmon River Angler guides represent the best guides and instructors in central Idaho. This small, select group of guides are chosen for their fishing expertise and knowledge, but invited back year after year due to their exceptional client care.

SRA guides follow the fish. They spend July and August introducing the Sun Valley angler to the freestone headwaters of the Salmon River on our 1 day float trips. Starting in mid-August they make the homage to Frank Church Wilderness, where cool nights heat up the Middle Fork’s legendary cutthroat trout fishery.

Lead Guide: Troy Staker

Troy started as an apprentice guide for SRA as an 18 year old punk. We quickly realized that this young, smart and fishy teen was wise beyond his years. What Troy lacks in days earth he makes up for with days on the river. Troy fishes for work, for play and in his sleep. He knows the headwaters of the Salmon better than anyone…period.

Casey Jones

Casey not only brings an obsessive passion for fly fishing, but also a degree in fish biology and years of field experience to his boat every day. His knowledge of central Idaho’s anadromous Salmon is amazing and his ability to put his clients on fish is uncanny.

Miles Sweek

Growing up in the area has its benefits. Miles, the rookie has grown up on the oars and hunting for trout around central Idaho since he was old enough to cast. Miles is a NOLS graduate and currently seeking a degree in Fish management at MSU.

Hillary Hutchinson

Hillary is our token celebrity guide. Hillary makes the journey from Montana’s Flathead to the  Middle Fork for our Raft & Fly Fish Adventures.